Meriem Mecili, 1999

Name: Meriem Mecili    (She/Her)
Born: Northwest London, 1997
Nationality: Algerian
Born to an Amazigh Algerian family in the late '90s, Meriem Mecili has always found herself exploring the traditions she was raised with and has developed an archival approach in her practice. She researches and documents Northwest African customs she believes are losing their distinctive uniqueness in favour of a merged image of the modern Arab and Muslim society currently popular.​
Mecili attended and received a BA in Fine Art at London's Central Saint Martins in 2021 after completing a foundation in Art and Design at Harrow College  in 2016. 
She currently lives and works in London.

Meriem Mecili, 2022

I am an archivist artist who works from an ethnographic exploration angle in my practise. My work primarily consists of researching and gathering information related to my family history and Algerian heritage, both rooted in tradition and favouring oral and visual history. A recurring theme in my practise is the production or reproduction of old and new art being an act of resistance to the damaging effects of globalisation specifically within the indigenous Imazighen communities, in and outside of Northwest Africa.
The documentation and preservation of personal and cultural histories in my practise are digitally recording and collating materials I have collected from family collections, markets, online blogs, archives and 1-1 exchanges. I find myself frequently immersed in a recipe, some negatives or a vague set of instructions which is then arranged in a format that is easily understood to be used by myself and more importantly shared with others to learn, teach and show present and future generations.
My mediums of preference are whichever ingredients my research directs me to, however I always like to have access to a scanner, a camera and photoshop for documenting. 

2021              Open Satellite   Open Studio
2020             Open 24 Hours Open Studio
2021               Arts4Dementia - Something in the Middle x Samsung KX, workshops 
2021               Torriano Primary School - Something in the Middle x Samsung KX, workshops 
2021               The Deans' Collection Awards 2021,   'Tamazight Tongues' 
2021               Barry Martin Prize, NOMINATED       'Tamazight Tongues'  
Education and qualifications
2019 - 2021      BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins
2020                 Early-Stage Dementia Awareness Training for Arts Facilitators, Arts4Dementia
2015 - 2016      Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, Harrow College
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