Sand as an educational material 
Audio Recordings
Audio dictionary test, voice recording from Abdallah Kel Assouk reading my list of words
The initial idea was that I would collect recordings of pronunciations from a list of words to begin making an audio dictionary of the Tamasheq/Tamahaq branches. This is because whilst finding resources dotted around Facebook forums, I still was not learning how to speak the language, but simply recognise written words. Abdullah is a teacher in both branches from Tamenrasset, Algeria who I was put into contact with through a mutual friend and has been helping me with this project. I sent him a list of 21 words I felt were important to my practise for him to translate and pronounce. 
Live streaming walks 
Walk around Tamanresset centre on a Saturday afternoon with Mohamed Djemaoui
 The video consists of walking through the local souk of ancient Tuareg city, Tamanrasset (market) and onto the main road on a Saturday late afternoon.
Tamazight Playlist
Research and Process
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