IDENTT is a projected created by Print student Samantha Mensah, exploring the different cultures experienced in her daily life living in London through fashion patterns and cuisines. Through collaboration with Mecili, IDENTT was documented through a series of photographs and experimental editing,  showcasing the patchwork of cultures.  
As quoted by colour, 'IDENTT' celebrates identity and culture but also highlights the beauty in unity through difference. In the diverse world we live in today, it is, unfortunately, apparent that there is a lack of understanding and acceptance for different communities and cultures. Needless to say, we are all human, regardless of our place of habitation and skin colour. With this in mind, Sam believes it is our duty to educate ourselves about other communities and cultures to become a better world. This project delves into Sam's own personal perspective of identity and celebrates the different cultures she grew up around and is surrounded by today.
Digital photographs taken by Meriem Mecili 
Model: Samantha Mensah
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